Our Sanitiser Program

The Facility

  • Spread over two facilities in South Wales and Norfolk, PPC has 130ksq feet of operating space mostly dedicated to production and product development
  • The facilities employ 220 staff including a development team of 12 (4 senior chemists, 2 speciality chemists, 4 technicians and 2 microbiologists)
  • With 70 years of contract manufacturing behind us, we have unparalleled experience in the industry. Our customers refer to us as the industry’s best kept secret
  • We offer a full service to customers; essentially a cradle to grave offering, from formulation to compliance, from manufacture to logistics and storage when required.
  • We carry certification levels of BRC Category AA*, ISO 22716, ISO 13458, Cosmos, SMETA and in the process of completing ISO 14001 the environmental audit.
  • Our customers are our best recommendation. We service the multiple retailers (Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury, Boots, M&S, Superdrug etc), and brand owners (Skinny Tan, Philip Kingsley, Brand Architects, Balance Me, Cyclax) to name a few

Made in the UK

  • It is our goal that everything in the product is sourced in the UK.
  • The formulation is produced in our factories
  • The bottles caps and labels all come from UK manufacturers
  • Certification is all conducted by UK laboratories

Alcohol Formulations

  • Used by over 75% of the population in gel, spray or rub on formulations.
  • Effective under MHRA guidelines at 63%
  • No requirement for towels, or soap and water.
  • Immediate kill effect (10>30secs).
  • No long term protection. Must be used continually
  • Kills all bacteria, virus and fungi (sprays etc)
  • Warning: Must have BS14476 to kill CV or do not work

Non-Alcohol Gel

  • Non Alcohol gel is a choice for Schools, prisons, Muslims, Jains, Hindus - anyone not seeking alcohol solutions
  • Unlike alcohol based product these non alcohol gels and creams do not dry out the hands and do not require continual daily usage
  • Whilst Alcohol gives an immediate kill rate (within 30 seconds) to destroy all organisms it does not continue to protect the hands Non Alcohol will take longer to destroy the organisms but will give you upto 6 hours protection
  • Two different biocide formulations:
    PHMB (vantacil) suitable for wipes and foaming Sku’s
    BAC / DDAC (benzylammoniumchloride / didecyidimethylammonium chloride) suitable for all other formats
  • Certified to BS1276 for 99.999% antibacterial; BS1500 for Biocidal compliance; BS14476 for antiviral.

In Summary

  • We have Atec rated processing and filling facilities to cater for all size and formats of sanitiser. The formulation base includes Alcohol and non Alcohol: gels, creams, liquids, mousses and sprays
  • Products are tested to EN1276, EN1500, EN14476, EN1650, EN 13624, EN13727
  • We offer our own brands: Impy, Skin Solutions, Eden, Harley Street Care, or we can offer private label.


  • We have acquired some of the most up to date and efficient production equipment in the industry allowing a cost of goods to effectively compete with any supply market in the world
  • We have a 32 head rapid fill and capping machine delivering a completely automatic production on small sizes 50ml /100ml with capacity of circa 200k units per day
  • We have a 24 head rapid automatic filler and capper for the larger sizes filling 250ml, 500ml, and litres at circa 100k units per day
  • We have a six head 5 litre filler capable of producing 40k units per day
  • Then of course for traditional demand we have several 6 head smaller fillers

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